Castovanni offers collection service specializing in doubtful individual claims. We are capable of handling large-scale debt portfolios, preserving high quality and efficient results. Castovanni is a domestic company that has been involved with handling debt claims from 2006. During the early years we dealt mainly with B2B debts and commercial credit management; since 2009 we are specializing in doubtful individual claims.

In order to establish a recognisable web site that would work mainly as a business card, Caotica started first with usability questions. The aim was to tell visitor in five seconds, what this company is about and another five seconds to give a quick overview of what’s happening.

This project contains couple of redesigns till clients total satisfaction. Regardless of tight budget (company had rather “start-up-company” attitude), solutions had to be up to date and trendy. The site is built on Joomla! CMS platform which turned out to be the easiest for not that IT-savvy content manager.

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