Raamatumõis (in translation: ‘The Book Mansion’) was really exciting and educating project for Caotica. The whole idea started as a non-profitable movement to gather old books found in an old mansion and ended up as an online book store, selling hundreds of unique books. Customer requested simple web site that even elderly people could use and easily navigate on site. Still, everything had to transform into the same style which the mansion was built. We are talking about building’s architecture, faccade, interior design etc.

Caotica was lucky to have a customer that was demanding and knew exactly what she wanted. As the site was to be an extension of the existing mansion’s site, it required the necessary branding. We wanted a simple and uniformed integration with the existing mansion’s exterior. We created a unique front-end system that would allow customers to order the necessary products without fuss.

The result was a site that faithfully conformed to the existing design layout, and allowed for the easy search tools and navigation. The site is built on a flexible content management system Drupal CMS that includes eCommerce module.

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